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Snuggle Puppy is our pet products business that includes a range of successful products focused on the health and wellbeing of puppies.  Our anti-anxiety and calming plush toys sold under the Snuggle Puppy brand are the number one selling products in their category, having helped over 2 Million puppies live happier, better adjusted lives.  Our product line includes a real-feel heartbeat inserted into our plush toys that mimics the heartbeat of a puppy’s mother and littermates to help them feel calm and safe. And our latest, motion-activated Smartbeat™ technology allows the dog to turn on the heartbeat on its own, without a human having to be there to enable it. 

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We’ve recently extended Snuggle Puppy brand into several adjacent markets with our new Smartbeat™ Bed that shares the smart, motion-activated technology from our plush toys. With Snuggle Puppy Nurture Puppy Bites, we’ve just developed one of the first supplements lines purpose-built for puppies that includes products designed to tap into our calming heritage and also includes other variations to help puppies get off to the right nutritional start. And given the prevalence of anxiety issues among children today, we’ve developed a new version of Snuggle Puppy to help kids with a range of anxiety issues with the calming effect that our heartbeat delivers.


Under the Snuggle Puppy business, we also sell a range of products designed to create happy pets including our Snuggle Kitty heartbeat-enabled plush toy for kittens, and our Tender Tuffs toys that are manufactured to stand up to rough play where other toys are thrown away within weeks of their first use.

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